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  • A premium selection of the fresh seafood, seasonal fruits, orchid planter, gift hamper,  festive roasted pig, etc is at...


  • Our fleet of Fridge Trucks supports you to deliver your goods on time in a safe and efficient manner.
  • We provide storage areas for your goods in a secured and reliable way.

Our Commitment

On-time Delivery

With a fleet of in-house fridge trucks, we are able to prioritise the delivery routes to best meet our customer expectation. We also provide reliable door-to-door delivery service that could tailor-make for the customers.

Itemised Billing

The services will be itemized in the quotation so our customers could be clear on what they will pay for.

Reliable Service

Besides fresh food delivery service, we could also arrange freight pick-up from the terminals and the airports.

Tender Loving Care

TLC is one of our principles in running business. We treat the people in the same way we want to be treated. We focus on our works that would satisfy our customers.

About Us


Hong Kong is a well-known food and shopping paradise. On-time delivery and food safety are the priorities in the catering industry. We were founded in 2012 to provide reliable fresh food delivery service to the restaurants and hotels so that your customers could enjoy the local delicacy.

Our Missions

We provide the agile and on-time delivery service to our customers. Fresh food is kept at the most optimum conditions to secure safety and quality.

Our Services

Our fleet includes 9-ton fridge trucks, 3.3-ton fridge trucks and small lorries. In the past years, we have developed strong relationship and connection with our business partners to supply fresh seafood, seasonal fruits, gift hampers, orchid planters, festive roasted pig, etc. We also provide pallet storages and logistic services for our customers.